or a list of the Players and Props.

Home »

a little weatherboard box in the south eastern suburbs of Victoria Australia. Its about 45 minutes from the City’o’Melbourne depending on your mode of transport and is next to a particularly pretty slab of beach which I try and jog along every morning.



Work »

currently I spend four days a week design-er-ing and build-er-ing websites and web type thingies with who I feel are some of the best people on the planet. If not the best, then most tolerant - I hum a lot.

James »

the lucky that he hasn’t yet been driven mad guy that I'm going out with. My mother says we both deserve each other. She doesn't mean it in a good way but I take it to be anyway. He’s hunky.

Rolly »

my pet cat and favorite-ist creature of all. A small tortoise shell tabby with a penchant for cooked mince and sleeping on fresh washing. More intelligent than she lets on, plots to take over the near by fish shop.

Thunder Beaver »

Is my new Mac Book Pro which is shiny and lets me run windows to play the Sims. Sometimes though it thinks it's a chicken and consequently doesn't run so good. But it does the job.

Twigg »

the greatest laptop of them all (because its mine). An iBook G4 which I was half given for my 21st birthday in September ‘05 (I paid the other half myself). I love it so much I would hug it to death if it didn’t mean crushing the screen and rendering it useless. Thanks to Thunder Beaver (above) Twigg as been demoted to family laptop, just could't let go of such a loyal machine.