Im on Holiday

We escaped dawn Monday morning, piling our stuff into the boot. The poor taxi driver wasn’t sure which way to go – or really didn’t want to go – and some precious minutes were wasted on determining the direction that should be taken. Eventually however we were stealthily on our way, blending in perfectly with the rest of the morning traffic.

A small lack of foresight on my behalf, I was in was was quite clearly hot weather clothing. My short sleeved top giving me no protection against the chilly morning breeze, would we be noticed and stopped? I ducked down low in the passenger seat and we continued our journey.

Once over the Bolte bridge we allowed ourselves to relax; the city was a glorious still life behind us, the sun peeking out between the bottoms tall buildings. Arriving at the airport we unloaded and made our way to the queue, we stood patiently and awaited our turn.

Suddenly a guard appeared, starting with the first in line he instructed the entire line to stand on the left hand side of their luggage in a strict row. I shuffled my luggage into place and nervously stood by it.

A creature of fur and drool appeared. Hurriedly it sniffed our belongings, we watched in trepidation. Without a pause, my bags had passed by the dog’s sensors and it moved onto James’, first his carry on bag then his suitcase, then horror, the dog paused at the body board bag, it sniffed and snipped and scratched at it with its paw then sniffed again. Was our attempt at freedom going to be thwarted so early on in our attempt? I clutched the handle of my suitcase.

Miraculously however, the dog seem satisfied and moved on. We were ushered to the checkin counters where we produced our ID’s and smiled. The girl behind the counter groaned at our eagerness, clearly jealous that it wasn’t herself escaping.

All that remained was to purchase some entertainment for the flight and board the plane.

James was given a free mag full of well endowed and barely clad women, I provided myself with two magazines; one containing the very latest in science, the other containing the very latest in women’s fashion and beauty. I felt they canceled each other out.

Boarding the plane we found out the seats were unallocated, we would have to fight to sit side by side. Marveling at the oddness of this arrangement we grabbed the first two seats that were anywhere near each other and settled in for the hour and a half flight to the sunny Sunshine Coast.

The flight went by without terrorist hijackings, dinosaurs, angry passengers or vomit and when we landed we were caressed with the warm touch that is “good weather”. Stepping off the plan into what should be called “Sunshine – Guaranteed”. We went on holiday.

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