Hooray! – It’s Folio Day!


It’s up! And it has Stuff™ on it! Stuff™ that I did! And that poor old domain was only a holding page for 1 year and 3 months! This is made more hilarious by the fact that I did this 1 week AFTER getting my new job; 5 weeks after the interviews and hoop jumping.

And look! Look up! It’s in my nav! So, ok yes. I did use someone else’s CMS to do it. But it was take the easy way out or have a permanent holding page. And permanent holding pages don’t exactly generat this much excitement.

And speaking of that new job. Someone should bug me to write about it.

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  1. david Says:

    Bug bug bug!

    /me sends bugs so you can write about the new job (one of the bugs is a bee (i’m going to stop now)).

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