Things I’m SO into right now

I’m a creature of seasons and phases, phases of a decent length too, I’v been in the jeans-and-t-shirts phase for the past eight years (we can debate the amount of time it takes for a phase to become permanent later – I’m still convinced that jeans-and-t-shirts is still a phase) I’ve been in a blogging phase on and off six times (including this one) in the span of about six years. Im not really a fanatic, these things that I get into are just something I particularly enjoy more than usual for whatever reason.
But sometimes things change and the things I was “so into” one day start to wane the next.

Some of the phases I am suffering from currently are;

The White Stripes

– Although not the ENTIRE White Strips I have very much grown out of Seven Nation Army, I like the quieter, acoustic songs better.
My top White Stripes songs in no particular order:

  • You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket [Elephant]
  • Blue orchid [Get Behind Me Satan]
  • As Ugly As I Seem [Get Behind Me Satan]
  • Take, Take, Take [Get Behind Me Satan]
  • The Doorbell [Get Behind Me Satan]
  • I want to be the boy to warm your mothers heart [Elephant]
“Regular Skinny Mochas”

– I find the taste of straight coffee mildly unpleasant, but this miricle that is the mocha solves this problem by adding my favourite ingredient. This phase is nearing its third birthday.
My top places to buy Mochas:

  • Coffee HQ at Flinders St Station – Im in the process of teaching the staff there my name.
  • The Gloria Jeans near Caulfield Station – This is where I went during uni, the morning staff knew me. It was a little metaphorical beach in a snowstorm, I miss it so.
  • The Gloria Jeans opposite/near the city baths – This was my old work coffee shop, I was almost always running late when I went there, the wait was awful but the coffees were like drinking happiness.
The Sims 2

– A most embarrassing habit I picked up when uni finished. However anyone who teases me about this will receive my foot in their face. Im not much of a drinker, and I have seriously cut back on chocolate so please let my have my weird, totally anti-social Sims habit and I wont complain about your disusting smoking habbit or the fact the drugs you take make you look like the worst case on the short bus. (I’m just a little defensive about this one)

Microwave Easy Mac and Cheese

– Although I have always had a soft spot for this utterly nutrition-less meal, this is a new kind of craving that goes way beyond soft spot. James once asked me if I had ever read what was in it. I replied that I presumed the main ingredient was cancer and left it there. Sometimes I crave it more than chocolate.

When pondering the origin of this new affection my mind flicked back to my Sims fetish; One of the meals you can feed your little computerised pawns is “Mac & Cheese”. They go wild for it, when in the same room as a fresh bowl of it the stand around sniffing the air and making content sighing noises. When not eating it, they crave it. Its little picture constantly appears in their wants section, taunting me.

Its enough to drive a perfectly sane person to “Mac & Cheese” obsession, and I can assure you I was far from perfectly sane to begin with. Can you imagine what it has done to me?

Note to self – write to Maxis/EA, complain about “Mac & Cheese” related illness.

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