In Transit: Barcelona – Amsterdam – Changi

Flight out of Barcelona

Getting off the plane was a bit rough too, my poor little body is protesting loudly. My feet were swollen to the point where my shoes ceased to fit and I had to take them off and go lay down. And I’m extremely unsteady on my feet and all hot and cold, like motion sickness without the nausea, which actually makes sense because I took anti nausea medication at the start of the flight.

I’ve just treated myself to a proper coffee (I may have neglected to mention that coffee in Spain is awful and/or odd) and a Mrs. Fields chock chip cookie of doom which has cheered me up almost completely. I also spent 15 min in my favorite Changi bathroom washing and preening.

Some other technical glitches I’m currently experiencing are:

  1. I have 3 types of currency in my wallet right now; Euro, Singaporean Dollars and Australian dollars. And in my present state I can;t tell the difference between them.
  2. The flight freaked the skin on my face out and made me all spotty. Looking in the mirror gave me a fright.
  3. Changi is HOT.
  4. The Koi ponds here are distracting, Can I get a pet Koi fish?
  5. Didn’t buy Absinthe in Amsterdam and now wish I did, silly me

All this aside, I’m glad its all uncomfortable like on the way back, and not on the way there. Else conquering Madrid would have been a complete pain. I realise I haven’t done a write up on Barcelona yet either, its a beautiful wonderful city and I want to do it justice and sit down and write about it properly (I’m standing right now, using the internet and sitting down are mutually exclusive and Changi airport apparently).

Over Amsterdam

A few days ago I uploaded Photos of my adventures;

Home in 11 hours and counting.

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