Ronda & Granada

Ronda’s exactly how I expected Spain to be. Its a tiny town built in the old way1 that used to house the Moorish king. The highlight of the trip so far is the four star hotel we stayed at there. An English country manor style situated on top of a huge cliff and overlooking a valley full of vineyards and olive orchards. Most of the city had stunning views of waterfalls, donkeys in poppy fields, farms and mountains. We spent the day sampling the local food which has been by far the best we’ve had, and drinking sangria and beer. Ronda was very satisfying.

Wildflowers in Ronda

Granada is apparently a university city, and houses the Alhambra which I’m visiting tomorrow. Walked up there today to get my ticket and am excited, is the first large amount of lush greenery I’ve seen my whole time. Its a crazy little place with ultra steep streets and at the top of some of the hills you can see snow on the mountains – I took photos. The city is friendly and easy to navigate, is full of trinket stores that I must resist purchasing junk from and is looking positive in terms of food. All of this is good as this is the only city we spend 3 days in.

Alhambra sunshade

My skin has finally acquired some colour as the sun has finally come out, the downside of this being that I think (despite numerous applications of suncream) that my nose is burnt. Its hard to eat healthy here as the Spanish diet seems to consist of doughnuts and cured and/or preserved meat, so despite all the walking I’m doing I think there will be a little bit of extra flab when I get back. But despite that I seem to have fared the best out of all my traveling companions who’s ailments range from not appreciating the food to the flu.

There isn’t much going out or partying – our adventures extending as far as drinks with lunch or dinner. This would be probably because of two things; one – the mean age of the group would be about 40 and two – many of the cities we are visiting for more than 1 night seem just that little bit scary at night.

I’m excited right now because this little internet cafe sells my brand of deodorant which I didn’t think was at all available in Spain, so I’m about to go shopping. And yes you read right, this internet cafe is also a supermarket. So I’m off to get that then go to dinner. Its tapas tonight.

Alhambra gardens

1 To clarify I have divided town planning in Spain into two, the old way and the new way. The old way is how most people imagine Spain, three or more stories of terrace like houses in rows along narrow cobble stone streets. This is quickly being replaced (and knocked down) by the new way, which is rows and rows and rows of what we would call housing commission flats. And despide their ugliness to me I think the Spanish rather like them because they are numerous and everywhere.

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