A list of reasons why it’s awesome to live by yourself

I currently live in a tiny little cave, located in an overpopulated inner-city suburb. I moved there about six months ago and those that know this always ask two things;¬†How’s the noise? (You get used to it) and Are you okay living by yourself?

Living by myself is great.

Sunny toes.

  • I sing, loudly, and without abandon, quite often.
  • On those *rare* occasions where I am hungover, my digestive pyrotechnics are wonderfully private.
  • I can watch Star Trek: the Next Generation without anyone making fun of me, or making fun of Picard.
  • My fridge is a place of cool bliss, not a place where food goes to die.
  • I haven’t once found anything disgusting in the bathroom that wasn’t mine.
  • I neglect pants.

(Yes the photo above includes Pants, I apologise)

One Response to “A list of reasons why it’s awesome to live by yourself”

  1. Ronald Says:

    1. You didn’t mention the farting
    2. Living by yourself is fine, except during times of mental instability, then it’s not so fine.
    3. No one makes fun of TNG
    4. You need to install the Tweet plugin so people know when your blog updates

    I think I’ll be living by myself again in the not-too-distant future, but there’s something to be said for a busy house.

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