So right now Im on a train, in a tunnel under the Melbourne CBD. The dark outside of the window has just taken a highlighter to my reflection and is in the process of pointing out the red spots on my face to my fellow travelers.

The blonde next to me is squinting downward trying to covertly read what Im writing and I’m going to wish her luck because glancing back up the page, I’m going to have problems reading it myself, and I’m supposed to type it out later.

I’ll blame the train, and my blonde friend next to me for squishing me into this tiny space and denying my left elbow the room it needs to swing around should my handwriting be legible.

I promise I’m trying. Im trying (heres where it get’s tricky – careful now) because I’m going to Spain soon. And I have no idea about the quality of left hand side elbow room they have over there. So I figure I better get used to all kinds. This may not make sense to you, but you’re not going to Spain, I am.

I’m going to thank the blonde, and Connex (despite the inconvenience caused) for this mostly uncomfortable seat. ‘Cause it all feels like training for the multiple plane journeys I get to endure traveling over to europe, or the cross land bus trips or even rides on the Barcelona metro.

I can’t wait to be sweating my ass off while also baking it to the vinyl bus seat in the early Spanish summer sun. Not to say I thought this years Australian summer was a slouch, there were enough 40ºC days to bake my back garden dead, but I digress.

Im training for my first solo adventure into the unknown, the unknown being a plethora of things including, but not limited to: Multiple 12+ hour flights, booking travel insurance, Europe, travel backpacks and being alone. One would possibly observe that Im pretty excited about it all too and one would be correct. And amongst all the bubbly school girl excitement (next to the schoolgirl fear) is the urge to share. So Im training that up as well.

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  1. Ron Says:

    More importantly… the blonde, does she have a name? Oh, and have you had a chance to see what I’ve done to the Google Map yet? It really is on the excellent spectrum of awesome. Go see!

  2. Ron Says:

    OMG there’s so much entries. I could never post all ths up, I mean I have writings but they are locked away under multiple layers of encryption and redundant quasi-temporal non-shifting stereoscopic keys. That is to hide them from the government and Today Tonight who would blow my cover.

    Uhh… I’m going to shut up now as I’m probably ruining your blog. THIS IS WHAT EXCITING PEOPLE DO ON SATURDAY NIGHTS, WOOHOO!

    I couldn’t download all the Disney moofies (oh and I think I should get credit for having my MSN conversation used in your blog entry [the poor kitty bit]) but I do have The Land Before Time which I want to watch on acid tomorrow. That should be interesting, apparently there’s a really sad part in the moofie, it may make me cry, or possibly top myself.

    Look forward to ruining, err, reading more of your entries when you go to Spanish.

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