Rome II

This morning was a chocolate croissant and cuppercino made for me by an old fellow who thought my bad Italian was hilarious and rewarded my efforts with a heart shape in my froth.

Walked to the Trevi fountain and was blown away by it’s size. And
by how ripped the old dude (Neptune?) in the middle was. Pretty sure I managed to photo bomb at least two photos. Go me.

Stopped by Bernini’s fountain and was tempted by gelati but we had apparently wandered into the home of “The best tartuffo in Rome” and were compelled to test that claim. Sat by the fountain and totally gorged myself on the most chocolatty-chocolate desert I’ve ever chocolated. Then felt like rolling around on the ground for a bit because it was so rich. Didn’t though.

Waddled on to the cat pit. A patch of ruins in the middle of the city given over to stray cats. In one corner there is a facility/charity that cares for the sick/young/old ones. Saw about 5 carbon copies of my cat in various states of snoozing. Was also used by a kitten as a jumping castle. Crazy place.

There were more ruins today and pizza for lunch. Hung out in a supermarket for a bit and looked at all the weird food (they call Twisties here “Fonzies”). Bought some weird food and am now on a train heading to Lucca eating said weird food.

The scenery is gorgeous.

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