Notes on departing Melbourne

Final bag weight was just under 10 kilos. I should win a prize.

You would expect that gate 6 would be between gates 5 & 7. But if you’re at Melbourne airport you would be wrong (it’s next to gate 11).

Just a few hundred meters can reduce any chaos into a charming miniature.

The middle of Australia looks like the sea floor.

Movies watched;
Iron Man 2 – loved it.
500 Days of Summer – loved it (for the second time, first was on a plane too)
Prince of Persia – rather enjoyed it, no one is more stunned by this than me.
Wall-E – It made me cry, but meh – so do some tv ads.

Tv watched:
3 episodes of the big bang theory
1 episode of the inbetweeners.

There was no sleep.

But now I must dash, Hong Kong airport has it’s own Muji. I must go fondle some minimalist Japanese goods.

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