Plan Z

While watching Scrubs a few days ago I noticed a huge gap in information I’ve recorded. Its easy to find out my star sign or my favorite band, but would happen to me should I fall (and for me falling will be the most likely cause unless a cure for clumsiness is developed) into a coma? A patient on Scrubs asked for a song to be played once a day. And that got me thinking that as I may have some unusual requests, I better publish a list of instructions.

So in the event of the following tragedies occurring, this is what I want to happen;

Coma: Sunlight on my face at least once during the day, I would love if they could play some of the Shins, or Architecture in Helsinki while I was under (look at my top rated songs in iTunes for things to play – (note to self: make coma playlist). And please could someone brush my hair and make me look neat (which sounds silly now that I’ve written it and I don’t really know why I want that, I just do.) I really belive that visiting and talking to coma patients helps them out in some way, so if its not too depressing I wouldn’t mind some visitors.

Non Recovering Vegetive State: Switch me off, Ide rather the resources went to someone the doctors could help; Then see “Dead”.

Dead (Like a Can of Spam): Ide love to be buried and have a grave stone, but I understand that my become impossible soon, so my second preference would be to have my ashes released into space where they can float off and help form a star. Third preference would be to let me go at the beach, I really love beautiful beaches.

Please donate whichever organs are required first, I won’t be needing them any more. At my funeral I would rather the wearing of bright colours as opposed to black and I want pink finger buns, chocolate mousse and raspberries served at my wake.

I told my dear James what I was writing a moment ago, he gave me a concerned glance as if to say “why do you want to go into a coma for? Ide much rather you stuck around and annoyed me”. To that I reply that I really don’t want to go into a coma, a vegetive state or die. But its nice to know that someone will know what to do if I do.

A few days ago, a friend pointed me towards my death space, a small shrine to the dead via their mySpace pages. Until I read that page I wasn’t going to publish this. As I said before, I don’t want to die. But I don’t really believe in mySpace so this is all that will be left behind if I do. It’s a weird feeling, but I think ultimately a positive one. Makes me want to document more of myself in this place, makes me want to do this well.

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