Ways that being 25 is different than being 24

The ability to enjoy coffee from an actual cup

Yeah, I don’t know what was wrong with me either, but somehow drinking my coffee from paper cup with a sippy lid just made it taste so much better.

I have acquired an appretiation for white wine

Before this white wine was for girls who were blonde, wore fake tan and were into ‘clubbing’. I thought it tasted like sour water. Now Im less judgemental about what people do with their bodies or spare time. And I’ve found that a good white is awesome on a hot day or with fish.

I now care about how my alcoholic drinks taste

Gone are the days of $4 clean-skins from the sale rack. Now it’s $6 clean-skins from the sale rack.

My hangovers are more than just a morning thing now

Oh god, the pain I have felt, the suffering. This makes me feel the oldest. Maybe I should advance to $10 clean-skins from the sale rack

My metaboilism can no longer handle doughnuts as a main meal

I did this when I went to Japan and actually came back thinner . Good times.

I am no longer facinated by Ikea

Can I hear a hallelujah? I know my mum will be proud of me for this one.

I am facinated by bagels

Clearly these last two were a direct trade off. My twitter account has me on record declaring my undying love for doughnut shaped boiled bread.

2 Responses to “Ways that being 25 is different than being 24”

  1. Wonald Says:

    “girls who were blonde, wore fake tan and were into ‘clubbing’”

    If any of these girls could find the internet you’d be dead… ninja or not.

  2. Tess Says:

    I get the feeling they already know. I wasn’t actually subtle with my disapproval.

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