Tonight is my Second Last Night Away

Away from the incredibly schizophrenic climate of Melbourne; the weather here in Iluka will be one of two options; warm and sunny & thunder-storming. The thunder storming option usually occurs at night, its fantastic.

Away from work; Ive done very little in the past two weeks, its been wonderful. A huge change from 9 to 6 ev-a-ree day at the coal mine.
A list of what I have done:

  • Woke up late most days.
  • Played lots of computerised Risk.
  • Gone swimming every day.
  • Somehow acquired a tan.

Away from long hair; I got my hair cut very short the day before we left. Most people haven’t seen it. I am particularly nervous about my Nana (Mums mum) seeing it, she liked my long hair; she may pull on my short hair until it goes long – she’s peculiar like that.

Away from 2006; Its a funny thing to say but being up here is like living in the past. The radio constantly plays pop songs that I loved to hate in my high school days, consequently I now know every word and sing along with glee. The internet is this strange thing that you see advertised in video stores. The ads on TV up here use effects that I haven’t seen used on television since 1995, it looks like the editor just learned to use Final Cut Pro and wants to show the world every effect possible.

Away from Google; its amazing to see just how much I depend on google for my day to day stupid questions about really obscure stuff. Stuff like “do potatoes store well?”, “how do you say ‘welcome to idiot town, population you’ in French” & “why did my iprecious’ right speaker just stop working”. I do in fact know actual people who could answer ALL of these questions for me, but I don’t want to be a bother.

Away from my jeans; at home I wear “jeans-and-a-tee-shirt” almost always. I did bring jeans, two pairs in fact, because jeans are one of the greatest inventions of the modern age. However, it is far too hot here to even contemplate anything that goes past my mid thigh, let alone my whole leg. So the lovely people of Iluka have had a GOOD LOOK at my legs, and they should count themselves lucky.

Away from a shower that I don’t have to crouch under to get my head wet; the bathroom here has a little bit to be desired. I’ve just taken that bit to be part of the holiday experience but oh-lordy am I going to drown myself, and my hair, when I get home. My first shower will be so long you’ll see a resulting effect on the amazon river.

So this little two week jaunt really has been a holiday, which also means it was awesome (time away does NOT count as a holiday unless it was an entirely positive experience). Im going to be a little sad to leave the totally perfect weather, the mild-reprieve from technology and the totally lazy days I’ve been having. But I have missed my cat, and my family. I’ve even missed my work a little, which means that Im insane when I get home I’ll appreciate home-life a little bit more. Not such a bad thing really.

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