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A list of reasons why it’s awesome to live by yourself

I currently live in a tiny little cave, located in an overpopulated inner-city suburb. I moved there about six months ago and those that know this always ask two things;¬†How’s the noise? (You get used to it) and Are you okay living by yourself?

Living by myself is great.

Sunny toes.

  • I sing, loudly, and without abandon, quite often.
  • On those *rare* occasions where I am hungover, my digestive pyrotechnics are wonderfully private.
  • I can watch Star Trek: the Next Generation without anyone making fun of me, or making fun of Picard.
  • My fridge is a place of cool bliss, not a place where food goes to die.
  • I haven’t once found anything disgusting in the bathroom that wasn’t mine.
  • I neglect pants.

(Yes the photo above includes Pants, I apologise)