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Five days to go

I’ve been having a bit of fun this week. Twice now I’ve had the opportunity to reply “Sorry, I can’t – I’ll be in Paris that weekend”. It’s cruel, and I don’t intend to rub it in anybody’s face. But isn’t it the best excuse in the world?

So, packing. I haven’t started packing yet. There’s a little insecure part of me that think that perhaps if I get too excited I will spawn another volcano in my path. But I’ve been packing in my mind, determined to pack like a travel ninja. And while Im no global nomad, I do know how to pack a bag. Here is a list of stuff that is more for my benefit than yours.

  • Toiletries – mine always leak no matter how plane friendly they claim to be. My trick? Grab a shopping bag, cut it to be about double the size of the bottles mouth, place it in between the bottle and the cap and screw the cap shut. This stops leaks. Forever.
  • Your mother lied. Folding sucks. Roll your clothes.
  • Speaking of clothes, don’t pack like you’ll never see your cuboard again. Chances are you’ll buy that cute jumper in Barcelona so leave room for it.

Now because I don’t like posting without pictures, here is a photo of my cat. She almost died this week.

Sleepy cat is sleepy.   And cute.