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Chalk arrows and having no plans

I had a little bit of a magical Saturday this weekend. One of those first day of summer holidays days; you wake up and the possibilities of what could be done stretch before you in a landscape of gold and ruby prettiness.

And since Im one of those people who count sleeping in a gift from above, this Saturday I slept in. Gloriously snoozed as the birds woke up, had a shower, fed the kids. jumped into their trees and sang until I was gently awake.

The original plans for Saturday were built around the need for Phil to go into the city to fix up his car registration due to his laptop blowing up the night before. However on waking it was discovered that dates were read poorly and that the car would keep for one more week.

Being liberated from our original task put us on the spot, we were showered, dressed, but had no car rego to fix. So being the creative sparks we are and being tired of all our local breakfast haunts, we decided to bop into the city anyway.

This decision found us in the shiny, but mostly empty Docklands. It’s an area designed for huge crowds. But as huge crowds don’t inhabit the area on generic Saturday mornings, it was mostly ours.

We cruised the breakfast choices along the waterfront for a little while, marveling at the pretty architecture, ugly architecture, and general emptiness of the place until happening on a shiny place overhanging the water.

For this part of our journey, all there is to say is NOM NOM NOM. Phil had the big breakky, I had the BLT. Then we waddled out.

I let the universe know that a tram right about nowish would be really convenient, as over breakfast we had decided to go check out a fancy suit for phil in a fancy spot on the other side of town. And lo, I turned around, an a tram with a destination matching ours trundled into view, giving us just the right amount of time to get ourselves and our full stomachs to the tram stop.

We inspected the suit but decided that it would have looked much better with a pin stripe rather than a check. Meandering through various lane ways, I exclaimed ‘where are we’ and ‘I’ve never been here before’ so many times I may as well have been in another country.

The giant empty place, walking around the alley and the giant breakfast had made us weary, so we turned our sails from home and hopped on a train.

Hopping off a stop too soon so we could stroll in the sun. I spied a chalk arrow on the ground.

“I feel like playing follow the arrows”

To wit Phil spun me in the direction of the arrow and we walked heads down in search of the next one. We had found 5 when we saw the pub in the distance and Phil mused that if the arrows lead there we would just have to stop for a beer. One or two more arrows in the right direction and we were there, and yes, there were chalk arrows pointing into the pub door.

‘But they’re drawn in a different stye” I cried.
“Dosn’t matter, the arrows say beer”
I checked for more arrows in the right direction.
“Did you set this up?”
But Phil replied in the negative.

We sat outside in the sun watching the traffic, sipping beer and musing about nothing much. After letting the day and the beer soak in, we picked ourselves up and wandered home.

Hooray! – It’s Folio Day!

It’s up! And it has Stuff™ on it! Stuff™ that I did! And that poor old domain was only a holding page for 1 year and 3 months! This is made more hilarious by the fact that I did this 1 week AFTER getting my new job; 5 weeks after the interviews and hoop jumping.

And look! Look up! It’s in my nav! So, ok yes. I did use someone else’s CMS to do it. But it was take the easy way out or have a permanent holding page. And permanent holding pages don’t exactly generat this much excitement.

And speaking of that new job. Someone should bug me to write about it.