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My eBay endeavor

After my pitiful attempt to ‘write something decent and not boring’, I thought I might have another shot when my brian hasn’t just woken from the bliss that is slumber.

I’ve started selling things on eBay. Started meaning I just finished listing 3 auctions with this neat little program called ‘GarageSale’ and am now waiting for bids. These aren’t my first eBay auctions, much earlier this year I sold a very unwanted christmas gift to someone in Queensland. And apart from the fact that Queenslanders are obviously lazier than us Melbournians (it took them 2 weeks to pay me) it all went swimmingly.

So why suddenly should I start this now?

I am a bit of a sucker for the shops at airports, I don’t really know why. In one of me pre-flight shopping sprees I bought this book, ‘101 things you should do before you die’. What initially attracted me to it was the wacky illustrations and unique way of presenting itself, coupled with the fact that I really wanted to do some of these things.

At the time
“sell all your crap on eBay and make a profit” jumped off the page like a large neon sign.

“Yes”, I thought. “Yesssss”.

I have lots of crap, most people do. But I also have lots of nice crap, stuff that I didn’t want to just throw away but also didn’t use any more. It seemed perfect, I had a lot to gain and nothing but my 100% rating to loose. I underlined it in the book and vowed to do it when I got back home.

Its been almost a year now, so I figured I had better get on with it.

Listed currently are three tops that I never wore, soon to go will be 90% of my wonderful bag collection, more unworn clothes, many many shoes, some jewelry that I wouldn’t be seen dead in but is apparently rather special, books that I never wanted… the list goes on.

So wish me luck on this eBay adventure, Im sure if it all goes tits up I’ll bitch about it here. At least then I shall have something to bitch about.

PS: If you want an interesting blog to read, a friend of mine is teaching in Japan and it sounds so incredibly awesome. Go read his blog NOW!


Yeah, so I totally fail at regular blog writing. I don’t know about anyone else, but I go through patches where I truly believe Im the most uninteresting person in the world. It’s just something my terrible brain does to me. Because I really believe it, I don’t write, I don’t want to kill anyone from boredom. But really, its all in my head and If I just sat down and tried to write something, all those interesting bits I thought were lost to the matmos suddenly leap from behind the couch and yell ‘surprise’…

But yeah, like a loser kid who has to arrange his own surprise party, Im still waiting.
So in the meantime, I found some places to visit;

Oh and let us mourn for Pluto, who last week was demoted to ‘not a planet’.