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A little bit of history

I’ve had some form of a personal website since 1997, my first site was called “The Funny Farm” and featured some very pre-teenaged idol worship, pictures of my favorite tee vee shows and some drawings of cats. It was hosted on GeoCities and would have made any mySpace owner proud.

I then had a few flings with a few online diary sites, one almost ruined my very first relationship, another getting so famous it was talked about in a Sunday Age article about kids and technology. I got an awful lot of shit at school for that one too. Had I been a little more savvy I would have sued the author for damages.

So for a while after that, there was silence. And then there was Blogger. I started “Between an overload of information” during my very awkward teenaged growings up. It was very a typical “Today I ate this and trod in that…” type blog. And although even then I knew I was writing about complete bullocks, I persevered because it was just so addictive for so many reasons. Mostly because like any fifteen year old girl – I was a wee bit vain. I can’t say my writing improved from it a great deal, but my html sure did. I re designed the thing almost weekly.

My boyfriend-at-the-time owned his own domain and space, so one day I moved “Overload” to his server (from the POS free server I was currently on). At that time I was studying for my VCE which involved a less than healthy amount of physics and chemistry, the only useful thing to come from this torture was the name “Amphiprotic Junkyard” (Which I thought discribed me just right).

“Amphi” grew with me, it was angsty, raw and very badly written. Ive never been very good at spelling. I shared deep innermost feelings and desires with the whole world, wrote from the hip, left my comments open, but it was all okay ‘cause no one was interested.

The last stop of this journey was my attempt to break free, grow up a little, and make something of myself. I bought a domain and some web space of my very own – “Red Paper Crane” – I vowed to myself; would not be angsty, boringly personal, or embarrassing. No, it would be interesting and useful, it would get me a job, it would represent me.

The name is almost three years old now, has had 4 different blogs hosted on it, Its been hacked, its been taken down due to controversy and comment spam, but Im not at all sure If I have even started to achieve any of the above goals.

This time around, I actually want to persevere with the blog, I want it to grow old with me. My daily reading these days consists of quite a few blogging veterans and yeah I admire them, both for their perseverance and their skill with the written word. Its mostly due to them that I understand now that bloging isn’t just writing down how you think and feel; its publishing to a world wide audience, and that deserves a little more time and thought; especially if your goal is to be read.

Yes, Some people want to be rock-idols or movie stars, I want people to read my blog. Don’t need to live off it (although if it happens I sure as hell wont complain) I just want an audience.
The only way I get an audience, is by being good – I hope I can be good.