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I want it now

a list of things that should be invented;

  • A device that removes hair telepathically, so all I have to do is think that I need to shave the legs and it’ll all go away; like waking from some horrible nightmare.
  • A bra that adjusts itself so I don’t have to bare myself to strangers or awkwardly ask my James to do it. What do boyfriend’s know about bras anyway? And while I’m on the topic of auto-clothes, pants that don’t need belts would be awesome.
  • A dog whistle – for cats. Im sick of my cat having an over exaggerated sense of free will, sometimes I want love, LOVE! And when I say love, I don’t mean the “you provide food – gimmie” kind of love.
  • A levitation device that holds the book in front of my face, so my arms don’t get all cold and tired outside the covers when Im reading in bed. This levitation device could also be used to put me to bed properly when I’m drunk and bring me breakfast the morning after.