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A little thing

It’s a beautiful Sunday in Melbourne, it’s cold and raining, my cat has placed herself squarely over one of our heater vent and much to everyone else’s dismay, Im still in my pajamas.

When asked why this was, I simply replied; “Its Sunday”.

Upon saying this a planet must of aligned somewhere in the universe because my brother turned to me and in a rare show of sibling support, agreed “She’s got a point.” My father however was not amused (did anyone see the Dr Who with Queen Victoria in it?)…

It’s taken me a while but I think I’ve arrived a a very special, very simple way of thinking; That something good doesn’t need a song and dance, doesn’t begin with someone releasing a hundred doves into the sky and doesn’t end with a crescendo. Good things are small little moments that are often passed by in the search for such fanfare.

Staying in my Pajamas till 5 o’clock in the afternoon (or evening) on a Sunday is one such thing. It’s not something that I do every Sunday, or even every second Sunday. But there are days like today where the whole world just wants you to stop and curl up in front of the teevee with your pajamas and doona.

There is a simple method for determining if in fact today is that day.

  1. Did your pet dog/cat/child completely melt your heart with its cuteness when you got out of bed?
    My charming cat this morning caught me coming back from the bathroom and decided she would spend the rest of the morning being cute beside me while I browsed the internetweb in bed.
  2. Did your mum/dad/flatmate/sweetheart make you your favorite thing for breakfast?
    Mine did. I didn’t even need to ask.
  3. Did your usually abrasive brother/sister/flatmate/cat become human long enough to allow you to spend an hour or so with your favorite computer game on their computer?
    Mine did. But I think he owed me.
  4. Did you realise you had recorded versions of a favorite teevee show waiting for you to snuggle up on the couch with a doona and watch?
    I sure did.

Yes, today has been a very special day in which all of the required factors were just right. The weird thing is that I think it came at the exact right moment, any sooner and I wouldn’t have appreciated it, any later and I may have exploded and painted some poor persons room with my guts.

I guess that that would be number five.

  1. Do you need it so bad you may pop?

I was going to make some sweeping generalised statement about the whole world being a better place if everyone smelled the daisies, but it wouldn’t be, and some places don’t have daisies. However MY world is a better place, thats enough right now.

Plan Z

While watching Scrubs a few days ago I noticed a huge gap in information I’ve recorded. Its easy to find out my star sign or my favorite band, but would happen to me should I fall (and for me falling will be the most likely cause unless a cure for clumsiness is developed) into a coma? A patient on Scrubs asked for a song to be played once a day. And that got me thinking that as I may have some unusual requests, I better publish a list of instructions.

So in the event of the following tragedies occurring, this is what I want to happen;

Coma: Sunlight on my face at least once during the day, I would love if they could play some of the Shins, or Architecture in Helsinki while I was under (look at my top rated songs in iTunes for things to play – (note to self: make coma playlist). And please could someone brush my hair and make me look neat (which sounds silly now that I’ve written it and I don’t really know why I want that, I just do.) I really belive that visiting and talking to coma patients helps them out in some way, so if its not too depressing I wouldn’t mind some visitors.

Non Recovering Vegetive State: Switch me off, Ide rather the resources went to someone the doctors could help; Then see “Dead”.

Dead (Like a Can of Spam): Ide love to be buried and have a grave stone, but I understand that my become impossible soon, so my second preference would be to have my ashes released into space where they can float off and help form a star. Third preference would be to let me go at the beach, I really love beautiful beaches.

Please donate whichever organs are required first, I won’t be needing them any more. At my funeral I would rather the wearing of bright colours as opposed to black and I want pink finger buns, chocolate mousse and raspberries served at my wake.

I told my dear James what I was writing a moment ago, he gave me a concerned glance as if to say “why do you want to go into a coma for? Ide much rather you stuck around and annoyed me”. To that I reply that I really don’t want to go into a coma, a vegetive state or die. But its nice to know that someone will know what to do if I do.

A few days ago, a friend pointed me towards my death space, a small shrine to the dead via their mySpace pages. Until I read that page I wasn’t going to publish this. As I said before, I don’t want to die. But I don’t really believe in mySpace so this is all that will be left behind if I do. It’s a weird feeling, but I think ultimately a positive one. Makes me want to document more of myself in this place, makes me want to do this well.

Tess French BMMD

I finally graduated on Thursday.
As you can see from the photo, Im obviously thrilled. It was really fun getting dressed up and wearing the silly hat and shaking the old fart’s hand. But the actual highlight of the day was seeing all my shiny happy uni friends again. We really were shiny and happy.

Some of them had traveled you various exciting places on the planet, others had also cut their hair in a way which was a little bit out of the comfort zone, we shared hair stories.

My lovely James has posted some of the photos he took during the day on his section of the web.

Things I should stop doing:

  1. Refering to peoples children as “their spawn”.
  2. Forgetting to put deodorant on in the mornings.
  3. Answering the phone at work with my mouth full.
  4. Jumping back into bed after my shower in the morning.
  5. Eating Macaroni and Cheese (« from Post Secret).
  6. Swearing.
  7. Neglecting to supplement my alcoholic beverages with water.
  8. Drinking cold coffee.
  9. Dreaming of Candy.
  10. Talking about the colour of my pee.