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The Cat Bully

I really love my cat, she’s my best-est friend forever. Sometimes though I really worry, like if your firend is dating a real ass, or your sister wears something that is just so truly hideous you must throw rolls of loo paper at her untill her senses come back from their little trip to mars.

Its a bit like that with Rolly and I currently.

Today the situation reached its peak, I got home from work and called her from the back garden, was greeted by excitement because it was dinner time, fed her and then went about feeding myself. I hadn’t even finished nukeing the bowl of sweet sweet mac and cheese before she was at the back door miewing at me again.

“Whats wrong with you!?” I demanded. “You have a perfectly good bowl of fish waiting for you…” She just looked up at me forlornly. And when I glanced over at her bowl suddenly knew why, some other cat was eating her food. Not only were they happily eating it, but they had ousted her.

“Mew!” – The red cat.
“Mew miow” – It bullies me.

It was just pathetic.
I immediatly shooed the gigantic ginger away from my tiny cats food and brought it and Rolly inside.

“You poor thing”, I said “No wonder you’re such a scrawny thing”.
“Miow- slurp chomp” was all I got.

– and you would think it would finish there, this hideous tale of back yard cat bullying. But it didn’t. As I was finishing up preparing my food, I caught movement in the corner of my eye. There, near the back door was the orange cat, back apparently for the rest of my poor cats food. The bastard had the nerve to come back.

I simply flew out the back door making as much noise as I possibly could without actually exploding. Chased the thing around the corner of the house, and I would have chased it under had my physical size not provided a huge barrier for me.

Satisfied that iet wouldn’t be back for at least a little while, I wandered back to where my cat chomped happily on her tuna white meat. And as I came though the door she looked up and chirruped with gratitude.

Makes me wonder if she’s actually eaten any of the food we’ve given her all week.

The Princess Syndrome – or – My Rut

Last year, during my final semester of university, I lost the urge to do anything but play the sims and eat macaroni and cheese. This idleness still persists today, and I can’t for the life of me think of a definate cause.

Ive come to think of it as kind of a form of depression, it does often make me sad – Im the kind of person that likes purpose and direction on her life. But being sad isn’t at all the primary symptom.

My lack of motivation for almost all thinkgs that worries me the most. Some days I haven’t gotten out of bed just because I don’t really feel like doing anything. Projects I started months ago full of enthusiasm are permanently in their early stages because I don’t have the will to go back to them.
I don’t let it affect my work, not for motivation in my job but just because I know better. But Im still scared it might – I guess Im not that far gone.

A part of me thinks its complacentcy, life is good right now, I have a great job, a wonderfuly relationship with my boyfriend, I get along well with my parents. I call it the princess syndrome because there really is no reason for it, its the kind of affliction only a princess could get. Goodness all around but still wanting more. I feel so silly because of it.

A hare krishna girl in the city that it would be solved by the pressence of God in my life. Im mildly spiritual, I know what I believe is enough. My life is not Godless.

I read somewhere once that this is a common thing to go though as a newly formed worker bee straight from uni. Is it vain of me to think that what Im going though is even a little bit different. Or that if this was that common there would be infrastructure in place for preventing it?

This website is me proactively trying to find my own solution, my own diagnosis and my own cure. I force myself to write down anything I think may be interesting or helpful to others. And on this occasion Im open to the internet helping me. I have goals, wants and dreams and its about time I got around to actually doing something about them, Its about time I actually got out of my Rut and fif something. I just hope I actially do.