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Hooray! – It’s Folio Day!

It’s up! And it has Stuff™ on it! Stuff™ that I did! And that poor old domain was only a holding page for 1 year and 3 months! This is made more hilarious by the fact that I did this 1 week AFTER getting my new job; 5 weeks after the interviews and hoop jumping.

And look! Look up! It’s in my nav! So, ok yes. I did use someone else’s CMS to do it. But it was take the easy way out or have a permanent holding page. And permanent holding pages don’t exactly generat this much excitement.

And speaking of that new job. Someone should bug me to write about it.

Tess French BMMD

I finally graduated on Thursday.
As you can see from the photo, Im obviously thrilled. It was really fun getting dressed up and wearing the silly hat and shaking the old fart’s hand. But the actual highlight of the day was seeing all my shiny happy uni friends again. We really were shiny and happy.

Some of them had traveled you various exciting places on the planet, others had also cut their hair in a way which was a little bit out of the comfort zone, we shared hair stories.

My lovely James has posted some of the photos he took during the day on his section of the web.